​​"Jacobs has a real wit, ... his writing leans closer to observational comedy than satire."
"The production on "Allergic" is first-rate, "
"Jacobs has a knack for honing in on the funny aspects of everyday life."
"Allergic" is a niche record aimed at folks who follow modern comedy as much as they do modern music "
                                                                                                        -Michael Eck, Albany Times Union  

"Drew Jacobs – is a guy who plays comedic songs but what sets him apart from a lot of comedy songwriters is that he can actually really play the guitar and sing. He had a couple numbers that had the entire room singing along." - Tom Lewis, Professional Comedian (he's not kidding!)

"Jacobs sure knows how to write and sing a funny song and tell an interesting story while doing it. There is no way you can’t totally enjoy this funny song CD."

"Thanks for the tunes!"-  Dr. Demento Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

Looking to book an adult birthday party?

" You were a wonderful addition to his party!"- Mary G.

"Singer-Songwriter Drew Jacobs calls himself an "Acoustic Humorist." and with such songs as "You Never Heard Me Play My Guitar," "My Bad" and "Fortune Cookie," his new CD "Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing" certainly delivers some chuckles.

-Greg Haymes, Albany Times Union  

"'Fortune Cookie" has clever twists throughout. I could see Goodman
performing this."

"'Half a Song" is just wonderful, very Goodman-like, with a perfect and inevitable punch line."
"'Garage Sale" is a perfect boomer lament/celebration." 

"Love the uke, tuba and muted trumpet on'Help Me, I'm Drowning.' This song has Nilsson all over it. He must be a huge influence.
"I hear John Prine in 'Grampa's Ponytail.'Any song that tells a vivid story is a keeper, far as I'm concerned."

Excerpts from a review of  "Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing" by Clay Eels author of Between The Lines A Biography of Singer/Songwriter Steve Goodman.